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Review: The Killers continue electro pop-rock feel with “Battle Born”


Las Vegas quartet The Killers are no strangers to electronic pop-rock. The veteran band’s latest effort, Battle Born, continues that sound the best way they know how – by adding the slightest but most significant innovations to make the old sound new again.

Starting with the slightly robotic “Flesh And Bone”, the album seems to be another one of the band’s futuristic endeavors, complete with singer Brandon Flowers’ high tenor. But, with the addition of songs like the single “Runaways” and “The Way It Was”, the underlying, simpler tone keeps the album from floating too far out into that spacey area of pretentiousness in which many of their contemporaries have ventured.

As a longtime Killers fan, it is the notion of combining the past, present, and futuristic sounds of rock and roll that makes this band so fantastic. This is a band that can go from a simpler, more relaxed ballad (“Here With Me”) to synthesized indie-rock (the haunting “Deadlines and Commitments”), from a pop focus (“Runaways”) to more of a rock feel (“A Matter Of Time”), all in the span on one album that is still coherent as a whole.

In comparison to their other albums, this release is just as innovative as another. Each album seems to have their own focus, their own personal evolution. The more I listen to “Battleborn”, the more I don’t consider it similar or dissimilar to any other Killers album – I consider it its own entity, full of both familiar and firsthand sounds that make it stand out on its own.

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