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Review: Green Day begins new pop-punk trilogy with (lackluster) “UNO!”


Disclaimer: As a Green Day fan, I say this with love for the band and their catalog. But, as a whole, I feel Green Day’s latest effort “UNO!” (the first in a trilogy of Spanish-numbered releases) lacks just that – effort.

The majority of the songs maintained that familiar Green Day, pop-punk vibe, complete with basic yet catchy guitar hooks, singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong’s drawling vocals overriding. However, unlike the band’s previous records, this one just seems too tired to be tried and true.

Some of the songs are likeable enough (including “Kill The DJ” and “Let Yourself Go”), but the majority are watered-down versions of previous hits. For example “Fell For You” and “Loss Of Control” are a simple and more reminiscent representations of “Jesus of Suburbia” (off of “American Idiot”).

Some of the tracks also seem to try and vary themselves from the rest. “Troublemaker” features a more spoken-word style for Armstrong, while “Sweet 16” is almost Weezer-esque in its high-pitched, bouncing optimism. Yet, these tracks miss the same amount of spunk that the rest of the album seems to lack.

The album as a whole keeps the sound of the Green Day that we all know and love alive – it’s the enthusiasm, the utter rock n’ roll rebel feel that made Green Day so beloved that’s missing here.

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