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Breathe Carolina/The Ready Set bring dance and dubstep to Gainesville


Electro-pop ensembles Breathe Carolina and The Ready Set brought dance fever to the Double Down Live on Thursday with their “Blackout Forever” tour, a techno-hype fusion of synthesizers and screams.

The Ready Set, the name that Indiana native singer Jordan Witzigreuter uses for his solo act, became popular with the 2010 release of “Love Like Woe”, a catchy, hook-ridden track that shot him to the top of MTV’s radar. The Denver duo of Breathe Carolina, consisting of Kyle Even and David Schmitt, also gained notoriety from the music giant with the club-rock anthem “Blackout”, which recently went gold. The pairing of the two groups proves the quintessential MTV formula: dance-crazed music mixed with the young fans who clamor for those fast-paced tracks equals success.

Complete with flashing lights fit for a nightclub, The Ready Set ignited the crowd from the get-go. Tracks like “Young Forever” and “Hollywood Dream” provided the perfect backbeat for the mainly young fans (and their mothers who brought them) to squeal and jump with unchallenged fervor. Despite Witzigreuter’s sliding, nasally pinched voice, he put on a good show, jumping and dancing along with the crowd. It was clear that he, his band, and the crowd were enjoying themselves, indulging in the sugary-sweet pop that blasted through the speakers.

As if stepping out of the space-age, Breathe Carolina exploded onto the stage under the constantly moving glare of neon lights, fast-paced beats blaring at a high velocity. Thrashing about the stage with enthusiasm, the duo led the crowd through club-ready songs like “Sweat It Out” and “I.D.G.A.F.”, all the while relishing in the audience’s apparent adoration. Many of the fans in the crowd were die-hards, erupting in screams with each declaration of “taking it back” to songs from the group’s previous two records. Taking the time to smile and chat with the fans in between the songs set them apart from other, less chatty bands. It’s clear they appreciated their fans and wanted to make them happy, which really set them apart. They continued the set with zeal, but the real crowd-pleaser came when they closed with “Blackout,” the hit single getting just about everyone in the crowd on their feet. Ending with such a party starter even prompted the die-hards to chant for “one more song!” The band graciously complied with the older track “The Birds and the Bees”.

The show, a mix of electronic pop hooks and guttural screams, was an overall cacophony of zealous excitement, the constant stream of dance music really letting the crowd let loose. The “Blackout Forever” tour showcased the popularity of techno-pop mixed with splashes of hip-hop, allowing a crowd of mixed styles to indulge in different types of musical preference.

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