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Morningbell Celebrates 10th Anniversary at High Dive


Every four years or so, Gainesville’s population changes. For those of us who choose to extend our stay beyond our designated time here, those around us get younger and younger every year. Gainesville is a town of transient people, and with that come plenty of talented, but transient bands.

We know all know the story: band members all meet while going to school. They start a band. They work their way up from playing coffee shops to the Atlantic. They grow a loyal local following. They play at High Dive and the Wooly. They graduate and break up or stay for a little more time and eventually move to New York.

From the beginning, Morningbell‘s story has been different. They’re a family band formed in Miami, eventually making Gainesville their home.

On Friday at High Dive, Morningbell will celebrate ten years together as a band with additional sets by [side projects] The Slims and The Shitty Beatles. Fans at the show will also be able purchase Faster Songs With Shorter Names: Morningbell’s Greatest Hits, Volume 1, which will include fan favorites that have become staples at their live shows, an unreleased song from 2010, and an updated version of “Underwater” (which can be heard below), the first track off their first album Learning By Musical Montage.

It’s been an incredible year for Morningbell with the release of their most ambitious album ever, Bôa Noite, which seemed to really strike a nerve in everyone who heard it. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Travis Atria says that of all the accomplishments the band has attained over the past ten years, he is most proud of the reaction to the album from friends and family. “It really seemed to touch their hearts and that was the most profound success for me.”

Bôa Noite

Bassist and brother Eric Atria cites the album’s release party at Santa Fe Community College’s Kika Silva Pla Planetarium as their greatest accomplishment. The band premiered the album with two sold out, back-to-back listening parties accompanied by a custom, live planetarium star show. “Not even big bands on big labels get to do something as cool and intimate as that. It felt like a big production on a local level.”

Indeed “a big production on a local level” is an apt description of what Morningbell does. This is, after all, the band known not only for their music, but for their famous Hundred Dollar Light Show consisting of everything from strobe lights, to light-up glasses, to Christmas light jackets.

Morningbell have done it all – six albums and three EPs, their Hundred Dollar Light Show, and seven tours – completely on their own. Both brothers chalk up their band’s longevity up to being related, and thus, very close. “Since Travis is my brother and (keyboardist) Stacie (Atria) is my wife, it’s very easy to work together,” says Eric. “We know each other really well. We know each other’s strengths and weakness. The three of us even lived together for some time. And when you consider that Travis and I have lived together more or less for thirty years and Stacie and I for fifteen, we know how to work together. At this point with (drummer) Chris (Hillman) being in the band since 2007, we feel like we know him just as well.” Adds Travis, “I always think it’s about to end, but it seems to keep going.”

During the early years there were plenty of opportunities for Morningbell to call it quits. Says Travis, “We’ve payed a hell of a lot of dues. More than any band I know. Most people who come to our shows now have no idea about that. They don’t know about playing for three hours in a strip-mall in Miami for no money repeatedly.”

Eric paints a clearer picture of what gigs are like for an independent band starting out; “We played so many shows to empty rooms. We played embarrassing gigs, like some sixteen-year-old girl’s birthday party and she only had three friends. We’ve played corporate events that have just been soul-sucking. Having our car broken into in D.C. really sucked.”

Ten years, six albums, and many fans and friends later, Morningbell will celebrate the good memories on Friday at High Dive; their last show before taking a hiatus through April.

For all the low points, the band has also enjoyed successes including beloved and acclaimed albums, a show at the O’Dome, and stops at Bonnaroo and SXSW. “We’ve always said we have to be better than we were six months ago. It’s a reasonable goal and I think we’ve maintained it for ten years.” Adds Travis, “I don’t think I imagined us coming this far when we started. I always wanted to do the things we’ve done, but it seemed like such a pipe dream. I think it has been better than I thought it would be. We’ve adjusted the vision to match the reality of the music business by realizing what we do and don’t want.”

In a town that’s had too many great bands break up far too early, it’s refreshing to have a band like Morningbell as a constant. “Any town can be my home,” sings Travis Atria on “Dancing In the Jaws of A Lion,” a track off of 2009’s Sincerely, Severely. We’re glad they made Gainesville theirs.

As for what Morningbell’s future holds, Eric Atria sums up the band’s independent spirit: “We’re going to keep making music until somebody stops us. I really think that’s the way it’s going be.”

Judging from their ride over the past ten years, even if someone did try to stop them, they’d probably keep going.


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Higher! The Sly & the Family Stone Radio Special & Giveaway!

Click HERE to win a copy of Higher! (Highlights), courtesy of Epic/Legacy, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Celebrate International Funk Day on Friday, October 18th from 8-10 PM EDT with a brand new, career spanning, two-part Sly & the Family Stone radio special. Encore presentation on Sunday, October 20th from 6-8 PM EDT.

The special includes music from the first-ever deluxe Sly & the Family Stone 4-cd anthology box set, Higher!, released August 27th, also honoring Sly’s 70th birthday in 2013.  The collectible package features 77 tracks, including 17 previously unreleased cuts.

Sly Stone used his music to speak about peace, unity and love, and with The Family Stone, he backed up his words. As the first major rock band to be multi-racial and mixed gender, Sly and The Family Stone made a statement even before they hit their first funky notes.

They crossed musical genres. They crossed racial and gender lines. They were socially conscious but not political.

These are a few things that Sly and The Family Stone brought to the table during their years as a band, and what they did continues to influence artists today.

In the first hour, we’ll hear the story of Sly and The Family Stone from many of the musicians who played in the band.

In the second hour, we’ll hear about the impact of Sly and The Family Stone from Chuck D, Bernie Worrell, the late Isaac Hayes, Robert Randolph, Warren Haynes, and many more.

Click HERE to enter to win a copy of Higher! (Highlights).

Sly & The Family StoneHigher! (Highlights)

All through the brilliant highs and the murky lows of the late ’60s and early ’70s, Sly & The Family Stone had the globe dancing to the music. The creativity of the mixed-race, mixed-gender, and mixed-genre band shines in this CD of highlights from the new 77-track, four-cd box set. This incredible collection showcases the classic hits not just in stereo format, but in the good ol’ mono mixes which went missing long ago with the transistor radio, and in unheard studio outtakes, and concert performances.

The legacy of Sly & The Family Stone persists through four decades of movie and TV soundtracks, commercials, radio playlists, and parties worldwide, and influenced countless makers of rock, funk, jazz, and hip-hop. Here s a chance to take it Higher!


Exclusive Gallery: Rare Photos from Sly & The Family Stone’s New Career-Spanning Box Set, ‘Higher!’ :



Sly & The Family Stone’s Career Celebrated With Deluxe 4-CD Box Set, Higher!

Features 17 previously unreleased tracks; box set offers the chance to experience the songs you know and love but often in alternate versions, including mono singles, demos, instrumental tracks, live concert and television recordings, and more.

The music of Sly & The Family Stone is celebrated with a new 4-CD box set, Higher!, available everywhere August 27th through Epic/Legacy, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. Released in celebration of Sly Stone’s 70th birthday, Higher! is the first career-spanning anthology to celebrate the musician whose funk has influenced everyone from Miles Davis and Michael Jackson to Public Enemy and the Roots. Housed in a colorful slipcase with a lavishly-illustrated 104-page book, the box set will feature 77 tracks, 17 of them previously unreleased.

Spotlighted throughout the first three CDs of Higher! are rare mono single masters of every classic Sly & The Family Stone signature hit like they’ve never been heard before in the digital era. Paying homage to the golden age of transistor radios are mono versions of “Dance To the Music,” “Everyday People,” “Stand!,” “I Want To Take You Higher,” “Hot Fun In the Summertime,” “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again),” and many others, more than 30 mono single masters and mono album cuts that were a call-out to get up and dance, dance, dance. Decades after the chart debut of Sly & The Family Stone with the game-changing “Dance To The Music,” fans and newcomers will have the opportunity to dig into this far-reaching anthology, covering the recording career of Sylvester Stewart starting in 1964, and the band he master­minded from 1966 to 1977 on Epic Records.

Higher! pays tribute to the unique style of Sly & The Family Stone with its innovative ten-inch square package design, which houses the CDs in its interior pockets. The middle compartment contains a painstakingly detailed 104-page book featuring a liner notes essay, a beautifully-illustrated timeline of Sly’s career, track-by-track annotations, rare and uncirculated photography, 45 rpm label and picture sleeve repros, eye-popping vintage concert posters and ticket stubs from Sly & The Family Stone shows, and more.

Sly & The Family Stone laid down a template that not only inspired an era of youthful rebellion and independence as the ’60s turned into the ’70s, but also had (and continues to have) a potent effect on the course of modern music in general. Sly’s DNA is traceable to every cell of the musical stratosphere.

“Sly Stone’s music is relevant because he was able to take from all the influencing genres before him and along side him, and combine it like gumbo,” said Public Enemy frontman Chuck D. “Then inside the band, having women, having it mixed race and ethnic background − I mean, come on now. You really couldn’t point and say ‘well, this is the reason why it’s funky,’ it’s all this together like gumbo that’s making this happen. And Sly & The Family Stone was the epitome of a group playing the music, saying the lyrics, and also backing with the words.”

Sly & The Family Stone have been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and the Grammy Hall Of Fame, and have received the R&B Foundation Pioneer Award, among many other recognitions of their importance and enduring influence.

Higher! is a tribute to the far-reaching horizons of Sly & The Family Stone. Their repertoire, every composition penned by Sylvester Stewart aka Sly Stone, kept the Pop and R&B charts jumping for seven glorious years from 1968 to 1975. There are the three career-defining RIAA gold Billboard #1 Pop/#1 R&B hits, “Everyday People,” “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)” and “Family Affair.” Their signature Top 40 hits began with “Dance To the Music” and went on to include “Stand!,” “I Want To Take You Higher,” “Hot Fun In the Summer­time,” “Runnin’ Away,” “If You Want Me To Stay,” “Time For Livin’,” and more. Their top-charted RIAA gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums include Stand! (1969), Greatest Hits (1970), There’s A Riot Goin’ On (1971), and Fresh (1973), every one a must-have.

In addition to those durable numbers (all of which are in mono up through 1969′s “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”, Higher! opens CD One with seven pre-Epic Records tracks. These include five rare solo sides by ‘Sly Stewart’ during his time as A&R-producer-song­writer-staff musician circa 1964-’65 at San Francisco’s Autumn Records. These include both sides of the rare (and widely bootlegged in the U.S. and Europe) Loadstone Records single of January 1967 by Sly & The Family Stone, which helped win the band their Epic Records deal. One of these sides is a cover of Otis Redding’s “I Can’t Turn You Loose.” The Epic story begins with the mono single master of “Higher” in May 1967 (Disc One, track 8).

Of the many impossibly rare and fascinating inclusions on Higher! special attention is paid to the four tracks that close CD Three. They were recorded live at the Isle of Wight Festival in the UK, early Sunday morning, August 30, 1970, one year after Sly’s memorable wee hours performance at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair. Two of the Isle of Wight numbers, “Stand!” and “You Can Make It If You Try,” were subsequently issued on the Columbia three-LP release from 1971, The First Great Rock Festivals Of The Seventies. (The big multi-artist package coupled Isle of Wight performances with others at the first Atlantic Pop Festival of July 1970.) The two other numbers by Sly & The Family Stone at Isle of Wight, namely “Dance To The Music” and the medley of “Music Lover / I Want To Take You Higher / Music Lover” (a variation on their medley from the Woodstock soundtrack album), are both previously unissued until now.

Higher! serves as a new model for the most diligent and imaginative efforts that can go into a vintage collection of this nature. The box set was produced by Legacy Recordings veteran and Sundazed Records owner Bob Irwin, with Project A&R by Rob Santos at Legacy. All music was mastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York.

Three major elements are central to the 104-page book. There is the authoritative liner notes essay written by Jeff Kaliss, author of I Want To Take You Higher: The Life And Times Of Sly & The Family Stone, the group’s only authorized biography. The booklet also contains a comprehensive, lavishly-illustrated timeline compiled by Dutch authorities Edwin & Arno Konings. Nearly 100 entries span from March 15, 1943 (“Sylvester Stewart is born in Denton, Texas. Six months later, the family moves to Vallejo, California”) to a final update in late-2012. The Koningses have also contributed track-by-track annotations for all 77 cuts in Higher! The notes contain excerpts from Thank You, the Koningses’ own forthcoming biography of Sly & The Family Stone. (Go to

Every track-by-track annotation contains at least one revelation, as told to the writers by original Sly & The Family Stone band members Greg Errico, Larry Graham, Jerry Martini, Cynthia Robinson, and Sly Stone himself, as well as such figures as Rachel Donahue (widow of Tom Donahue), managers Rich Romanello (1967) and David Kapralik (1967-1972), Epic A&R man Stephen Paley, bassist Rustee Allen (who succeeded Graham in 1973), all three drummers who succeeded Errico post-1971 (Gerry Gibson, Andy Newmark, Bill Lordan), various background vocalists, saxophonists, bassists, and so on. All their collective statements and observations, as transcribed by the Koningses, add to the value of Higher! as a valuable memoir in and of itself.

“Refracted in these treasures,” Kaliss says of the kaleidoscopic delights on Higher! “are colors you may be unused to seeing in Sly: old R&B, jazz, nursery rhymes, gospel, and even country, fused and transformed by a precious visionary and his fellow musical alchemists.”

In addition to Jeff Kaliss, and Edwin & Arno Konings, other essential reading includes: Sly and the Family Stone: An Oral History by Joel Selvin (HarperCollins, 1998); and There’s A Riot Going On by Miles Marshall Lewis (Bloomsbury “33 1/3″ series, 2006).

Higher! by Sly & The Family Stone
(Epic/Legacy 88697 53665 2)

Disc One (1964-1967):
1. I Just Learned How To Swim by Sly Stewart (Autumn Records single, 1964)
2. Scat Swim by Sly Stewart (Autumn single, 1964)
3. Buttermilk (Part 1) by Sly (Autumn single, 1965)
4. Dance All Night by Sly and Freddie (1965, originally unissued)
5. Temptation Walk by Sly (Autumn single, 1965)
6. I Ain’t Got Nobody (For Real) (Loadstone single, 1967)
7. I Can’t Turn You Loose (Loadstone single, 1967)
8. Higher (mono Epic single master, promo only, 1967)
9. Underdog (mono Epic single master, 1967)
10. Bad Risk (mono Epic single master, 1967)
11. Let Me Hear It From You (mono Epic single master, 1967)
12. Advice (A)
13. If This Room Could Talk (A)
14. I Cannot Make It (A)
15. Trip To Your Heart (A)
16. I Hate To Love Her (A)
17. Silent Communications (1967, previously unissued)
18. I Get High On You (version one, 1967, previously unissued)
19. I Remember (1967, previously unissued)
20. My Woman’s Head (instrumental demo, 1967, previously unissued)

Disc Two (1967-1968):
1. What’s That Got To Do With Me (1967, previously unissued)
2. Fortune And Fame (1967, previously unissued)
3. What Would I Do (1967, originally unissued, B)
4. Only One Way Out Of This Mess (1967, originally unissued, B)
5. I Know What You Came To Say (1967, previously unissued)
6. Dance To The Music (mono Epic single master, 1967)
7. Ride The Rhythm (C)
8. Color Me True (C)
9. Are You Ready (C)
10. Don’t Burn Baby (C)
11. We Love All (D)
12. Danse A La Musique by The French Fries (mono Epic single, 1968)
13. Small Fries by The French Fries (mono Epic single, 1968)
14. Chicken (mono Epic single master, 1968)
15. Into My Own Thing (E)
16. Life (mono Epic single master, 1968)
17. Love City (1968, previously unissued mono mix)
18. M’Lady (mono Epic single master, 1968)
19. Dynamite! featuring Johnny Robinson on vocals (1968, previously unissued)
20. Undercat (instrumental, 1967, previously unissued)

Disc Three (1968-1970):
1. Everyday People (mono Epic single master, 1968)
2. Sing A Simple Song (mono Epic single master, 1968)
3. I Get High On You (version two, 1968, previously unissued)
4. Wonderful World Of Color (instrumental, 1968, previously unissued)
5. Pressure (originally unissued, F)
6. I Want To Take You Higher (mono Epic single master, 1969)
7. Seven More Days (originally unissued, F)
8. Feathers (instrumental, 1968, previously unissued)
9. Somebody’s Watching You (G)
10. Sex Machine (G)
11. Hot Fun In The Summertime (mono Epic single master, 1969)
12. Everybody Is A Star (mono Epic single master, 1969)
13. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) (mono Epic single master, 1969)
14. Stand! (LIVE at the Isle of Wight Festival, August 30, 1970, H)
15. You Can Make It If You Try (LIVE, same as track 14, H)
16. Dance To The Music (LIVE, same as track 14, previously unissued)
17. MEDLEY: Music Lover / I Want To Take You Higher / Music Lover (LIVE, same as track 14, previously unissued)

Disc Four (1971-1977):
1. Luv N’ Haight (Epic single master, 1971)
2. Family Affair (I)
3. Brave & Strong (Epic single master, 1971)
4. Runnin’ Away (Epic single master, 1971)
5. (You Caught Me) Smilin’ (Epic single master, 1971)
6. Spaced Cowboy (I)
7. You’re The One featuring Little Sister (LIVE on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, September 1973, previously unissued)
8. In Time (J)
9. If You Want Me To Stay (Epic single master, 1973)
10. Frisky (Epic single master, 1973)
11. Skin I’m In (J)
12. If It Were Left Up To Me (Epic single master, 1973)
13. Time For Livin’ (Epic single master, 1974)
14. Can’t Strain My Brain (Epic single master, 1974)
15. Loose Booty (K)
16. Le Lo Li (Epic single master, 1975)
17. Crossword Puzzle (Epic single master, 1975)
18. Family Again (Epic single, 1976)
19. Hoboken by Sly Stone (originally unissued, 1975-1977)
20. High by Sly Stone (1975, previously unissued)

Epic Records album index:
A – from A Whole New Thing (originally released November 1967, as Epic LN 24324, mono)
B – from A Whole New Thing (Expanded Edition) (originally released April 2007, as Epic/ Legacy 82796 90277 2)
C – from Dance To The Music (originally released April 1968, as Epic BN 26371)
D – from Dance To The Music (Expanded Edition) (originally released April 2007, as Epic/Legacy 82796 90274 2)
E – from Life (originally released November 1968, as Epic BN 26397)
F – from Life (Expanded Edition) (originally rel. April 2007, as Epic/Legacy 82876 83945 2)
G – from Stand! (originally released April 1969, as Epic BN 26456)
H – from The First Great Rock Festivals Of The Seventies (originally released August 1971, as Columbia C 30807)
I – from There’s A Riot Goin’ On (originally released October 1971, as Epic KE 30986)
J – from Fresh (originally released June 1973, as Epic KE 32134)
K – from Small Talk (originally released July 1974, as Epic PE 32930)

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College Radio Day 2013 (October 1st) & Sony Music Prize Packs!

Why College Radio Day?

The aim of College Radio Day is to raise a greater, international awareness of the many college and high school radio stations that operate around the world by encouraging people who would not normally listen to college radio to do so on this day. It is hoped that those people who do tune in like what they hear and become regular listeners. The organizers of College Radio Day believe that college radio is one of the last remaining bastions of creative radio programming, free from the constrictions of having to be commercially viable, and a place where those involved in its programming believe passionately in its mission. College radio is the only free live medium brave enough to play unsigned, local, and independent artists on a regular basis. Indeed, many famous and successful bands today, owe their initial break to being played on college radio. Put simply, college radio is an important part of the media landscape because of its unique and fearless programming.

The organizers also hope that College Radio Day can also be used a fundraising vehicle for those individual stations that choose to participate, benefitting from the extra attention their station will receive on that particular day. Being a participant in this day is free for all college and high school radio stations (AM, FM or online) so that together, for one day, we can lift the profile of an important form of media: college radio. It’s a day of celebration. It’s a day of live music and special interviews. It’s the day college radio comes together.

Read more at the about page here.


President Barack Obama Praises Student Radio for College Radio Day

From Posted on September 30, 2013 by Jennifer Waits

College Radio Day logoThe impending government shut-down didn’t stop President Barack Obama from penning some kind words about college radio in advance of World College Radio Day on October 1, 2013. In a letter submitted to College Radio Day organizers

 is celebrating College Radio Day 3012 all week long! We have partnered with Sony Music Gainesville to give away some cool College Radio Day Prize Packs featuring cool Sony Swag including new releases from Kings Of Leon, The Clash, Sly & The Family Stone, Tom Odell and more! plays the best of rock’s past, present, and future, so you’ll find a lot of variety in the prize packs, just like you hear on!

CLICK HERE to fill out the contest entry form now through Sunday (10/6/13) at midnight to win a prize pack containing various swag (cool band stickers, koozies, buttons, posters, etc.) plus your choice of a copy of one of the following CDs (see below):

The list of Sony Music CDs available while supplies last includes:

Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

RCA Records announces the September 24 release of the new Kings of Leon record, Mechanical Bull. Angelo Petraglia produced the album, which was recorded at the band’s studio in Nashville, TN.

Kings of Leon are fresh off three acclaimed headlining performances at American festivals, Bottle Rock in Napa, CA, Hangout in Gulf Shores, AL, and, the Governor’s Ball in New York City, during which the festival cancelled the band’s Friday night performance due to Tropical Storm Andrea. The band, upset over the cancellation, worked through the night with festival organizers and management to figure out a way to come back on Saturday. The festival found a place for them on the main stage right before the Saturday headliner, during which the fans were treated to the live premiere of Mechanical Bull‘s first single, “Supersoaker.”

The Clash – Hits Back

Features 33 of the band’s iconic tracks across a 2-CD set. The tracklist is sequenced from the band’s legendary Brixton Fairdeal show in 1982.

The Clash – Hits Back contains the best studio recordings of the full set, plus 8 additional iconic tracks.  It comes with the original setlist, handwritten by Joe Strummer which he usually taped to the back of his Telecaster before each gig.

“Every show was different. Joe would spend a lot of time composing the running order, considering dynamics, emotional impact and the key the songs were in. This record is based on Joe’s setlist from The Casbah Club UK Tour, Brixton Fairdeal, 10th  July 1982“. — Mick, Paul & Topper.

Sly & The Family Stone – Higher! (Highlights)

All through the brilliant highs and the murky lows of the late ’60s and early ’70s, Sly & The Family Stone had the globe dancing to the music. The creativity of the mixed-race, mixed-gender, and mixed-genre band shines in this CD of highlights from the new 77-track, four-cd box set. This incredible collection showcases the classic hits not just in stereo format, but in the good ol’ mono mixes which went missing long ago with the transistor radio, and in unheard studio outtakes, and concert performances.

The legacy of Sly & The Family Stone persists through four decades of movie and TV soundtracks, commercials, radio playlists, and parties worldwide, and influenced countless makers of rock, funk, jazz, and hip-hop. Here s a chance to take it Higher!

Tom Odell – Long Way Down

Odell’s current single, “Another Love,” can be found on both his recently released U.S. EP, Songs From Another Love, and Long Way Down. Hailed by London’s Sunday Times as “genuinely chilling,” it debuted in the Top 10 in the U.K. and is a No. 1 hit in Belgium.Tom s videos for “Another Love” have racked up more than six million views combined. HBO tapped “Can’t Pretend” for the promotional spots for the hit show “The Newsroom” and a live version of “Hold Me” can be heard in “Trench Kisses,” a video from Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2013 advertising campaign, which features Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge.

Classically trained on piano from an early age, Odell grew up in Chichester, located in southeast England, and later moved to Brighton, attracted by its music scene. Eventually, Tom made his way to London, seeking a wider audience. His plan was not immediately successful Odell wound up playing sparsely attended shows, running out of money and sleeping in a car borrowed from his grandmother. A demo found its way to Lily Rose Cooper, who quickly signed him to her In The Name Of record label after seeing Odellperform live. With the label’s blessing, Tom spent nine months holed up in a tiny east London room, outfitted with simply a piano and a desk, penning the songs for his debut. He recorded most of Long Way Down with his band at RAK Studios in London.

Elvis Presley – Elvis at Stax

Single disc edition. 2013 release, a collection celebrating the 40th anniversary of these legendary recordings. 1973 was a crucial year in the career of Elvis Presley. Riding high on the success of Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite, which was seen by over one billion, Elvis did something remarkable. He chose to take control of his own business. He sold his future royalties to RCA and he started a new publishing company. No one would tell him what to do ever again. Elvis decided that his next recording project would be on his home turf – at the red-hot Stax, the launching pad of such greats as Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave and Isaac Hayes. He assembled the very best musicians in town and he searched for fresh new material that would reflect his new path. The Sax material, an amazing chapter of Elvis’ career, has never been positioned as a whole body of work. Until now. 17 tracks.

Rage Against The Machine – XX (20th Anniversary Special Edition)(2 CD/ 1 DVD)

Newly remastered for this anniversary release, Rage Against the Machine – XX will be available as a CD in three configurations: 1) 20th Anniversary Edition Deluxe Box Set housing two CDs, two DVDs, one 12″ 180gm vinyl LP, one 40 page booklet and two-sided poster; 2) 20th Anniversary Special Edition featuring two CDs and a bonus DVD featuring six tracks in an oversized softpack and 3) 20th Anniversary Edition single compact disc (with three bonus tracks).

CD 1 includes the original album, remastered, with 3 bonus tracks of collectible b-sides from era.

CD 2 presents the original Rage Against the Machine demo tape. Recorded in 1991 and sold for $5 at the merch table at early Rage shows, the tape achieved mythical word-of-mouth status amongst music fans while helping to seal the band’s deal with Epic Records. The 20th anniversary releases of Rage Against the Machine – XX marks the first time the entire RATM demo tapes have seen a full official release.

Bonus DVD includes the three music videos from the album (Killing In The Name, Bombtrack and Freedom) plus three previously unreleased live performances: Take The Power Back (Vic Theatre 1993), Bombtrack (Soundstage performance 1992) and Wake Up (Nomads 1992).

Mad Season – Above (Deluxe Edition)

Mad Season features the legendary Layne Staley of Alice in Chains on vocals, Mike McCready of Pearl Jam on lead guitar, Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin and bassist John Baker Saunders of the Lamont Cranston Band. The band recorded and released one album, Above, in 1995 which was certified Gold and became an essential touchstone in the history of Seattle rock. Above is the only complete album of Layne Staley’s introspective and mystical lyrics, which were highlighted by additional vocals from Screaming Trees vocalist Mark Lanegan.

Above (Deluxe Edition) is a three-disc set comprised of two CDs and one DVD plus a full-color collector’s booklet with previously unseen performance photographs and an essay by Barrett Martin reflecting on the lives of Staley and Saunders and the history of the band.

CD 1 features the original album + an unreleased acoustic instrumental titled “Interlude,” 3 new songs from the band’s unfinished second album with newly recorded vocals and lyrics by Mark Lanegan and a remixed version of the band’s John Lennon cover “I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier.”

CD 2 features the full audio set from the bands historical performance at the Moore Theater in Seattle on April 29, 1995, remastered in stereo sound.

The DVD features the first official DVD release of Live at The Moore – Mad Season’s last show ever performed. Not only has Live at The Moore been remixed and remastered, but newly edited by director Duncan Sharp for a beautiful new documentary-like presentation, giving the show an updated look as if the viewer were in room that night. Also included are four performances that have never been seen, including the fan-favorite “Wake Up.”

Also featured is a full concert of the bands performance from New Years Eve 1995 at RKCNDY in Seattle (which was shot by the band’s crew for an up close and intimate look at the band) and both performances from Self-Pollution Radio, one newly edited.

Sound City – Real to Reel

SOUND CITY–REAL TO REEL is a brand new collection of all-new all-original songs, each one composed and recorded exclusively for the film within its own 24-hour session on that console after it was reinstalled in Grohl and his Foo Fighters’ own 606 Studios. The new tracks–featuring an amazing and idiosyncratic cast of collaborators including Paul McCartney, Grohl’s former Nirvana and current Foo Fighters bandmates, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield, Trent Reznor, Joshua Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, Lee Ving of Fear, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford of Rage Against The Machine and more–passionately exemplify SOUND CITY’s celebration of the human element of musicianship and recording in an increasingly digital world.

SOUND CITY, the film, was conceived by Grohl after purchasing the legendary custom-built Neve 8028 recording console from Sound City Studios last year. The board, built in 1972, is considered by many to be the crown jewel of analog recording equipment, having recorded such artists as Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Guns and Roses, Metallica, NIN, Rage Against The Machine and countless other musical legends over the past 40 years.

Grohl’s personal connection to Sound City began with the 1991 recording of Nirvana’s breakthrough album, Nevermind. Selling over 30 million copies worldwide, Nevermind changed the entire musical landscape and forever altered the course of Dave Grohl’s life.

Incubus HQ Live (CD/DVD)

Last summer, over a span of six days, Incubus celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band by renting out a gallery in downtown Los Angeles to perform and connect with their fans in the most intimate of settings. The band documented this unique experience on high-quality video and stunning audio, making up the much-anticipated release, INCUBUS HQ LIVE.


Incubus – The Essential Incubus

28 of their greatest hits on 2 CDs! 16 Top 20 Modern Rocks Hits plus photos and new liner notes.



PLUS, all prize packs include a copy of the book, “Backstage: All Access,” a collection of photos of rock icons between 1970 and 1983, as captured by acclaimed music journalist Larry Singer.

From 1970 to 1983, Larry Singer was a professional photojournalist working as a stringer for “Circus” magazine and providing images to poster companies of Rock and Roll stars. This books features both unedited published images, and photographs that have never been made available to the public.


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