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  • Listen for the radio special this weekend:
  • Friday, March 29th at 7PM
  • Saturday, March 30th at 11AM and 5PM
  • Sunday, March 31st at 3PM and 9PM



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This new one hour radio special details the success and drug-related struggles of Mad Season, as told by members of this Seattle grunge supergroup – featuring Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) and archival clips of the late Layne Staley (Alice in Chains).

This is more than the story about a band and its music. It’s about musicians from major bands, working on a smaller scale side project to help deal with their addictions, to varying degrees of success. As helpful as this project was to Mike McCready’s long-term recovery, Staley and bassist, John Baker Saunders, both eventually died of overdoses.

The ‘Mad Season Radio Special’ is produced by Joyride Media and Hosted by Matt Pinfield.


Available Tuesday, April 2: Columbia/Legacy Recordings is releasing a special 2 CD/1 DVD Deluxe Edition version of their one and only album, Above. It includes 10 unreleased tracks including “Locomotive,” an unfinished song song with new lyrics and vocals added by Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees).

The DVD features 14 never-before-seen performances including a full concert, their last show ever: Live At The Moore.



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Watch the Above Deluxe Edition EPK (Electronic Press Kit) HERE:

More on the Mad Season Above reissue from, here:

Formed in 1994, MAD SEASON is vocalist Layne Staley (ALICE IN CHAINS), guitarist Mike McCready (PEARL JAM), drummer/percussionist Barrett Martin (SCREAMING TREES) and bassist John Baker Saunders (THE WALKABOUTS, LAMONT CRANSTON BAND).

The deluxe edition of MAD SEASON‘s “Above” is a three-disc set comprised of two CDs and one DVD. It includes the original studio album and a host of extras such as previously unreleased tracks from the band’s unfinished second album with new lyrics and vocals by Mark Lanegan (SCREAMING TREES), full audio plus the first official DVD release of MAD SEASON‘s last show ever performed — “Live At The Moore”, an unreleased full concert video of the band’s New Year’s Eve performance from now-defunct Seattle club RKCNDY, a full-color collector’s booklet and more.

The deluxe edition, and a separate digital configuration, will be available Monday, April 1. In addition, there will be a 12-inch 2LP expanded edition vinyl available on Record Store Day, April 20. Content featured in the “Above” deluxe edition will be available through iTunes with audio mastered for iTunes and a separate standalone longplay video.

MAD SEASON “Above” deluxe edition

CD1 – “Above”

01. Wake Up
02. X-Ray Mind
03. River of Deceit
04. I’m Above
05. Artificial Red
06. Lifeless Dead
07. I Don’t Know Anything
08. Long Gone Day
09. November Hotel
10. All Alone

Bonus tracks:

01. Interlude (previously unreleased)
02. Locomotive (lyrics/vocals by Mark Lanegan)
03. Black Book Of Fear (lyrics/vocals by Mark Lanegan)
04. Slip Away (lyrics/vocals by Mark Lanegan)
05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier (remix)

CD2 – Live At The Moore

Previously unreleased full audio set of “Live At The Moore” performance from Seattle, Washington, April 29, 1995. Includes “Wake Up”, “Artificial Red”, “I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier”, “I’m Above” (featuring Mark Lanegan).

DVD – Live At The Moore + Bonus Footage

Full video set of the “Live At The Moore” performance from Seattle, Washington performance, April 29, 1995. Remixed and remastered for 5.1 sound, and newly edited by director Duncan Sharp. Plus, more bonus footage, including a full concert of the band’s performance from New Year’s Eve 1995 at RKCNDY in Seattle, and both performances from the Seattle-based Self-Pollution Radio specials, one newly edited.

In 1994, four Seattle-based musicians decided to embark on a side-project that took them into new and different musical territory. Formed by Mike McCready, Layne Staley, Barrett Martin, and bluesman John Baker Saunders, the group went on to form MAD SEASON, which made one seminal album in the history of Seattle rock. That album, “Above”, was released in 1995 and immediately struck a resonate chord with the public that sent the album into gold status within a few weeks. It is the only complete album of Layne Staley‘s introspective and mystical lyrics, which were highlighted by additional vocals from SCREAMING TREES vocalist Mark Lanegan and Seattle-based saxophonist/percussionist Skerik.

MAD SEASON was essentially Seattle’s version of an extremely heavy blues band, anchored by the deep swinging rhythm section of Barrett‘s drums and Baker‘s bass lines, with Layne‘s haunting melodies and Mike‘s stadium-size guitar riffs soaring over the top. This unusual chemistry made the band absolutely unique in an era of post-grunge. In the almost 20 years since the original release of “Above”, new generations of music listeners have discovered the dark and lasting beauty of MAD SEASON.

In 1996, work began on a second MAD SEASON album with Mike, Barrett and Baker writing and recording the basic tracks for 15 new songs. Unfortunately, because of declining health, Layne wasn’t able to make any of the recording sessions and the album was shelved. Fate subsequently took each musician in a different direction: Mike back to PEARL JAM and Barrett back to SCREAMING TREES. Tragically, both Baker (1999) and Layne (2002) passed away.

In 2012, the two remaining band members, Mike and Barrett, along with “Above”‘s original producer Brett Eliason, convened in Seattle to sift through the original magnetic tapes from that second album’s sessions to revisit the unfinished songs. They called on Mark Lanegan to pen lyrics and sing on three of the best of those songs, including one co-written by Peter Buck of REM, which will be featured on the forthcoming reissue honoring the legacy of Layne and Baker.

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