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Playlist for Show # 59 (02/10/13)


All Kinds Of Time 4:24 Fountains Of Wayne/Welcome Interstate Manager

Denise 2:34 Fountains Of Wayne/Utopia Parkway

Why Can’t We Be Friends 3:53 War/The Best Of War

Where Are We Now? 4:08 David Bowie/The Next Day Rock

The Jean Genie 4:19 Camp Freddy/West Of Memphis

Girl 2:34 The Beatles/Rubber Soul

Dead Meat 3:38 Sean Lennon/Friendly Fire

Not the Loving Kind 3:28 Pernice Brothers/Goodbye, Killer

A Friend Like You 3:00 Aberfeldy/Young Forever

What To Do With Michael 3:50 The Candy Butchers/Hang On Mike

I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week 2:53 Mandy Moore/Amanda Leigh

Lovers 2:29 Kelly Jones/SheBANG!

Baby Freeze Queen 2:36 Cotton Mather/Big Picture

Square One 3:26 Tom Petty/Highway Companion Rock

Yer So Bad 3:06 Tom Petty/Full Moon Fever

Fantasy Friend Forever 3:15 The Asteroids Galaxy Tour/Out Of Frequency

Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John 4:34 Belle and Sebastian/Write About Love

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Christmas Special 12-23-2012


Wonderful Christmastime 3:48 Paul McCartney Back To The Egg [Bonus Tracks]
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 3:36 John Lennon 1971 Single
Christmas Time (Is Here Again) -The Beatles Free as a Bird [US Single]
Christmas All Over Again – Tom Petty/Playback Through the Years
Nelson Wilbury’s Merry Christmas — George Harrison
Must Be Santa – Bob Dylan Christmas In the Heart Holiday 2
I Want An Alien For Christmas 2:19 Fountains Of Wayne Out-Of-State Plates
The Man In The Santa Suit 2:40 Fountains Of Wayne Out-Of-State Plates
Christmas Day 1923 – Future Clouds & Radar Future Clouds & Radar
2000 Miles – The Pretenders/Learning to Crawl
No Christmas For Me – Zee Avi This Warm December A Brushfire Holiday Vol. 1 Holiday 2
Father Christmas – The Kinks Come Dancing With The Kinks – The Best Of The Kinks
Don’t Believe In Christmas – The Sonics Here Are The Sonics!!! Holiday
Christmas Is Going To The Dogs – Eels Music From The OC: Mix 3 – Have A Very Merry Chrismukkah Soundtrack 3
Christmas Time Is Here –  Ivy/ Maybe This Christmas Tree Holiday 2
Christmastime –  Aimee Mann W/ Michael Penn /Just Say Noel Pop 3
Little Saint Nick –  Beach Boys/The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album
Christmas In The Summertime – The Incredible Moses Leroy /Electric Pocket Radio Pop
River ­­- Joni Mitchell/Blue

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Playlist for 11/18/2012 Thanksgiving Day Special (show # 56)



Thanksgiving Day     5:11    Ray Davies     Other People’s Lives

Gratitude        3:19    Paul McCartney         Memory Almost Full

Thank You Girl          2:04    The Beatles    Past Masters, Vol. 1

Woman           3:32    John Lennon  Double Fantasy

Thank U         4:19    Alanis Morissette       Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie

Thank You 4:48    Led Zeppelin  Led Zeppelin II

Kind & Generous       4:08    Natalie Merchant      Ophelia

Thank You Friends   3:07    Big Star           Third- Sister Lovers

Thank You for Being a Friend         4:40    Andrew Gold  Rhino Hi-Five: Andrew Gold

Pocahontas    3:24    Neil Young     Rust Never Sleeps

Indian Girl      4:23    The Rolling Stones    Emotional Rescue

Pilgrim            5:50    Eric Clapton   Pilgrim

The Best Thing          3:43    Ivy       Apartment Life

My Thanksgiving       5:12    Don Henley    Inside Job

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Playlist for November 11, 2012 (Show # 55 with featured artist The Talking Heads)


Revolution      3:25    The Beatles    Single (1968)

Calling America         3:28    Electric Light Orchestra        Balance Of Power (1986)

Janice’s Party 2:49    Fountains of Wayne              Out of State Plates (2005)

Positively Fourth Street        3:56    Bob Dylan      single  (1966)

Julianne          4:14    Vegas With Randolph     single (2012)

Stay Up Late  3:53    Talking Heads            Little Creatures (1985)

Sugar On MyTongue 2:36    Talking Heads            Talking Heads: 77 (1977)

Feel     3:33    Big Star           # 1 Record (1972)

The Wrong Thing To Do       4:10    Mudcrutch     Mudcrutch  (2008)

Portland         3:22    An American Underdog        Always On The Run  (2012)

Friends of Mine         2:19    Zombies          Odessey and Oracle (1968)

1980’s              3:14  The Hussys    Super Pro       (2010)

Newport News           3:35    Pernice Brothers       Goodbye, Killer (2010)

You’re So Damn Hot 2:38    OK Go OK Go (2002)

She’s Electric 3:41    Oasis   (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?            (1995)

Once In A Lifetime    4:20    Talking Heads            Remain in Light (1980)


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Playlist for 11/04/2012 (Show # 54)


I Won’t Back Down   2:58    Tom Petty/Full Moon Fever

Cheer Down   4:06    George Harrison/Let It Roll: Songs by George Harrison

Inside Out       3:36    Traveling Wilburys   Traveling Wilburys/ Vol. 3

Hit the Ground          3:29    Kurt Baker/Brand New Beat

Don’t Go Falling in Love       3:15    Kurt Baker/Brand New Beat

She’s Not Sorry         3:32    Kurt Baker/ Brand New Beat

Cloud 9           3:17    George Harrison/Cloud Nine

That’s What It Takes            4:01    George Harrison/Cloud Nine

Fish On The Sand      3:24    George Harrison/Cloud Nine

You Got Lucky           3:36    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/ Long After Dark

Change Of Heart        3:19    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/   Long After Dark

Keeping Me Alive      2:59    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/Playback: Through The Cracks

This Is Love   3:49    George Harrison/Cloud Nine

Devil’s Radio  3:54    George Harrison/Cloud Nine

Straight Into Darkness         3:49    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/Long After Dark

Got My Mind Set On You      3:55    George Harrison/Cloud Nine

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Playlist for the 2nd Annual Halloween Special (Show # 53, first broadcast October 27, 2012)

Written by Gargs; Hosted by Mistress Elena!


  • Spooky Girlfriend      4:23    Elvis Costello/When I Was Cruel
  • Scared            4:37    John Lennon/WALLS AND BRIDGES
  • Misery Is The River Of The World  4:25    Tom Waits/Blood Money
  • Castro Halloween      4:12    Chuck Prophet/Temple Beautiful
  • Witch’s Wand            2:50    Sloan/Parallel Play
  • Season Of The Witch            4:57    Donovan/Troubadour: The Definitive Collection
  • Girly Worm    2:52    Mike Viola/ Lurch
  • Havin’ a Bad Day       2:42    Jeff Murphy/Cantilever
  • Grave Digger  3:52    Dave Matthews/Some Devil
  • Ghost Town    2:21    The Vaccines/Come Of Age
  • Werewolves Of London        3:28    Warren Zevon/The Best Of Warren Zevon
  • Zombie Zoo    2:56    Tom Petty/Full Moon Fever
  • Turn The Lights Off  2:57    Tally Hall/Good & Evil
  • Die Young Stay Pretty          3:33    Blondie/The Platinum Collection (Disc 2)
  • Nightmare Part II      3:00    The Zutons/Who Killed…
  • Boris The Spider       2:29    The Who/My Generation – The Very Best Of The Who
  • Vampire         1:20    Antsy Pants/Juno Soundtrack

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Playlist for October 21, 2012 (Show # 52)


Hospital For Sinners 3:06 The Wallflowers/Glad All Over

Beyond Belief 3:47 The Turnback/Drawn In Chalk

Edinburgh 2:37 Seth Swirsky/Instant Pleasure

Never Around When I Need Her 3:53 Cosmic Rough Riders

Chelsea Dagger 3:35 The Fratellis/Costello Music

I Love America 2:50 Daniel Wylie Car/Guitar Star

I Know You Well 3:25 Fountains Of Wayne/Out-Of-State Plates [Disc 1]

You Belong To Me Now 3:11 The Candy Butchers/Play With Your Head

Teenarama 4:00 The Records Smashes, Crashes And Near Misses

Friends of Mine 2:19 Zombies

Sowing The Seeds Of Love 6:19 Tears For Fears/Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92)

Ride My See-Saw 3:45 The Moody Blues/The Best Of The Moody Blues

To The Bone 4:30 The Kinks/To The Bone (Disc 2)

Looks Like Rain 3:29 Tal Bachman/Tal Bachman

Caught In The Middle 2:42 The Red Button/As Far As Yesterday Goes

Alone 4:51 Bee Gees/Still Waters


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Playlist for October 14, 2012–Show # 51



Doom and Gloom (Radio Edit)  4:07   The Rolling Stones/Doom and Gloom – Single

Life Is A Motorway    3:53    The Supernaturals/Life Is A Motorway

T-Rex Records           2:42    The Hussys/Super Pro

She      2:42    Jeff Lynne/Long Wave

Slaveship        3:11    Josh Rouse/1972

Cannibal Queen        2:42    Miniature Tigers/Tell It To The Volcano

Tell It To The Volcano           2:33    Miniature Tigers/Tell It To The Volcano

Annie Oakley 3:09    Miniature Tigers/Tell It To The Volcano

The Wolf        2:34    Miniature Tigers       Tell It To The Volcano

Hate Street Dialogue 2:34    Rodriguez       Cold Fact

Keeping Me Alive      2:59    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/Playback: Through The Cracks

Somebody Who Cares          3:19    Paul McCartney/Tug Of War

My Radio (AM Mix)   4:22    Stars/A Lot of Little Lies for the Sake of One Big Truth

Another Tricky Day   4:57    The Who/Face Dances

Don’t You Want Me  4:00    Human League

Malcolm          5:21    Aberfeldy/Somewhere To Jump From

Scarborough  3:04    Farrah            /Farrah

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Playlist for October 7, 2012 Show # 50


Richie And Ruben 3:32 Fountains Of Wayne Sky/Full Of Holes

Back Of My Hand 3:24 The Jags/The Sound Of The City

It Was A Accident 3:34 NRBQ/Uncommon Denominators

Michael Praytor, Five Years Later 4:33 Ben Folds Five/The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind

Handshake 3:33 Two Door Cinema Club/Beacon

Devil in Her Heart 2:24 The Beatles Baby It’s You

Love Me Do 2:24 The Beatles/Past Masters, Vol. 1

Jelly Shoes 4:11 Pearlfishers/The Strange Underworld Of The Tall Poppies

Hanging On the Telephone 2:05 The Nerves/One Way Ticket

(I’m a Man And) I Can’t Cry [Mono] 2:31 The Squires/Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1 (1963-1972)

Moving Pictures 3:47 The Kinks/Low Budget

Starry Eyes 4:24 The Records/Smashes, Crashes And Near Misses

Who’s to Blame 3:47 Tim Husty/A Step Back

White Dove 4:00 John Vanderslice/Emerald City

Dover Beach 3:45 The Bangles/All Over the Place

Made in the Usa 4:17 Marco Joachim/Made in the Usa

It’s Only Love 1:59 The Beatles/Help!

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Playlist for 9/16/2012


You’d Like to Admit It (Bonus Track) 2:34 Rodriguez

Silly Love Songs 5:54 Paul McCartney

A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off 2:42 The Magnetic Fields

She Goes Out With Everybody 2:27 The Spongetones

I’d Die Babe 2:34 Badfinger

Havin’ a Bad Day 2:42 Jeff Murphy

She Don’t Drive 2:57 Jeff Murphy

Too Late 2:44 SHOES

Curiosity 3:29 SHOES

Wrong Idea 4:00 Shoes

Maybe Now 3:34 Shoes

Centerfield 3:54 John Fogerty

Machine 3:31 Janna Pelle

Make It Home 3:17 thenewno2

Nikki’s Plan / Broadway 3:46 Vegas With Randolph

How People Start Sentences 3:02 The Successful Failures

Burned Out Love 2:46 Shoes

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