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Playlist for 7-20-14 (Show #86) – Tribute to Tommy Ramone: The Ramones Live, NYC 1978


R.I.P. Thomas Erdelyi. (Hungarian: Erdélyi Tamás; January 29, 1949 – July 11, 2014), better known by his stage name Tommy Ramone, was a Hungarian American record producer and musician. He was the drummer for the influential punk rock band the Ramones for four years. He had been diagnosed with bile duct cancer, and was in hospice care following unsuccessful treatment when he died on July 11, 2014.

As a tribute to Tommy Ramone, this special edition of the Power Pop Portal features the last album recorded with Tommy Ramone as drummer, NYC 1978, a/k/a Live, January 7, 1978 At The Palladium, NYC. He left the band soon afterwards, although he continued to work with the other members as a producer and manager.

And we wrap up the show with Uncle Monk, the bluegrass duo featuring Tommy Ramone & Claudia Tienan Bow.

  1. “Rockaway Beach”
  2. “Teenage Lobotomy”
  3. “Blitzkrieg Bop”
  4. “I Wanna Be Well”
  5. “Glad to See You Go”
  6. “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment”
  7. “You’re Gonna Kill That Girl”
  8. “I Don’t Care”
  9. “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker”
  10. “Havana Affair”
  11. “Commando”
  12. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”
  13. “Surfin’ Bird”
  14. “Cretin Hop”
  15. “Listen to My Heart”
  16. “California Sun”
  17. “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You”
  18. “Pinhead”
  19. “Do You Want to Dance?”
  20. “Chainsaw”
  21. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World”
  22. “Now I Wanna Be a Good Boy”
  23. “Suzy Is a Headbanger”
  24. “Let’s Dance”
  25. “Oh, Oh, I Love Her So”
  26. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”
  27. “We’re a Happy Family”
  28. Uncle Monk: “Round The Bend” (Uncle Monk, 2006)

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