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Playlist for January 22, 2012



My Valentine 3:14    Paul McCartney/Kisses On the Bottom

Wings 3:31    Ringo Starr/Ringo 2012

She’s Got A Problem 3:28    Fountains Of Wayne/Fountains Of Wayne

Simple Song   4:16    The Shins/Simple Song

Ariel    4:24    Dean Friedman

Only Me Fair May      2:44    Seth Swirsky/Instant Pleasure

Caught In The Middle          2:42    The Red Button/As Far As Yesterday Goes

Can’t Get You Off My Mind  3:31    Chris Alvy band/Art Noise Master

Car Guitar Star          2:48    Daniel Wylie/Car Guitar Star

Show Me The Place   4:09    Leonard Cohen/Show Me The Place

Liquid Casanova        3:34    Sugarbomb

Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living) 3:03 Eels/Blinking Lights and Other Revelations

We Take Care Of Our Own  3:54    Bruce Springsteen/Wrecking Ball

Rock & Roll Queen     2:52    The Subways/Young for Eternity

There Goes My Baby 3:10    Kelly Jones/SheBANG!

She’s About To Cross My Mind        2:39    The Red Button/She’s About To Cross My Mind

Thirteen         2:35    Big Star/#1 Record


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