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Playlist for 10/23/2011

  1. Everywhere- The Astronauts of Antiquity
  2. Biker Like An Icon- Paul McCartney
  3. Leave the Biker- Fountains of Wayne
  4. Baby Seat- The Barenaked Ladies
  5. I Want to Be With You- The Raspberries
  6. Daisies of the Galaxy- The Eels
  7. I Like Birds- The Eels
  8. And Your Bird Can Sing- The Beatles
  9. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here- She & Him
  10. When My Baby’s Beside Me
  11. Watching the Wheels- John Lennon
  12. Cinder and Smoke-  Iron and Wine
  13. Greener- Tally Hall
  14. Choose What You’re Watching- thenewno2
  15. Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues- The Eels
  16. Lovers- Kelly Jones
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